Library Mania! Virginia Village  LbNA # 64580

Placed DateMay 21 2013
LocationVirginia Village Library- Dahlia & Florida, Denver, CO
Found By TrailRyder
Last Found Dec 31 2015
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Last EditedDec 31 2015

Library Mania! Virginia Village

I love libraries. I love libraries so much, I decided I couldn't stand not being familiar with all of them. A couple years ago, my brother, The B! and I set ourselves a quest. To visit all the Denver Public Libraries in the space of 2 days, and check out a book from each one. I got a map and planned our route, and made a chart of all the libraries hours, and The B! drove us to each one. It was an epic quest. (Would I have invented this adventure for myself if I had known about letterboxing back then? Good question.)

I'm not going to send you to every library in the system, that would be ridiculous! Also a few new branches have been added since our adventure that I'd like to see for myself. So I'm picking a few of the most interesting to send you to.

Virginia Village was my first local library. My mom would take me to storytime at Virginia Village when I was just a wee little WordGirl. They have a marvelous wooden reading bench carved in the shape of a Viking dragon. I would sit at that bench and read for a while during every visit. Virginia Village has moved and been remodeled more than once since those days, but this is once more the library I visit most frequently. They still have the dragon bench in the children's section!

Naturally, I would love for you to stop inside and see the dragon bench and check out what's new on the shelves, but the library is a very busy place, and it might be easier to be a discreet letterboxer on days when the library is closed. Check for hours.
Park in the Southeast corner of the lot, or the side street to the east, Eudora. There is a clump of trees and bushes in the southeast corner. Approach it from the street side. Walk past the pine tree towards the woody shrub (I think it's some kind of alder). The box is tucked between some branches low to the ground, along the fence.

[I'm a little nervous about this hiding spot, but couldn't find a spot I liked better. If you have any suggestions, let me know!]