Winter Tree  LbNA # 64581 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateApr 15 2013
Location???, ME
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Winter Tree
Find location #1 on the Mousam Way Trail map (hint: if you know the town, ahem, city, in which this system of trails is located, you can visit their website to find the map). Once you have identified the spot, walk or drive to this location.
Start at the opening in the fence all the way to the right (when facing the woods). There is a narrow dirt path which leads to a paved walkway and a small concrete and wood bridge that crosses a brook. Note: this will be on your right.
Cross the bridge and then immediately begin counting your steps as you walk along the wooded path (the water should be to the left of you at this point).
At approximately twenty-five steps you should see a tall tree to your right with a large branch coming off from it that extends all the way to the ground. Stop here and face this tree.
To the left and slightly behind it you will see a smaller tree that has been partially uprooted. Focus on the ground near this smaller tree – you may need to move some leaves/sticks to find what you’re looking for.