Maine State Flower  LbNA # 64583

Placed DateApr 25 2013
LocationSpringvale, ME
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Maine State Flower
Head to the Springvale Recreation Center and park in the upper parking lot. Head down the stairs and toward the beach area.

Cross the wooden walkway to the left of the beach (when facing the water) and continue until it turns to pavement. The paved path leads back to the picnic area, but do not follow it this far. About halfway along the paved path, turn right and you should see a wooded path heading into the woods. Follow it, taking note of the green trail marks (‘blazes’) on the trees that indicate the Mousam Way Trail.
Follow the trail as it leads under a fallen tree, up a hill, winds toward the water and then away again. You will eventually come to a “Y” in the path; head right. After a few more twists and turns you will come to another “Y”, this one not quite as obvious as the last, but again head right.
From here it is important to watch for the trail markers on the trees. After a short distance you will see a tree on your right with two trunks, which are both marked with green blazes. Stop here. If you can see the water and a large partially fallen tree off to the right of you then you are in the right place.
Face forward again; take approximately twenty steps and then stop. On your left should be another tree with two trunks; this one has only one green blaze. Look through the “V” created by the trunks of this tree and you should see a log lying on the ground a little ways up a hill.
What you are looking for is under the middle of this log.