Play Ball  LbNA # 64585

Placed DateApr 19 2013
LocationSanford, ME
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Play Ball!
Enter the parking lot at the top of Blouin Field in Sanford (the same side as the Gowen Park Picnic area, not the lot near the high school). Park, then walk through the opening in the fence at the top of the hill.
Facing the baseball diamond, take a bearing on your compass and head to the far Northeast corner of the field.
At the corner you will see an old rusted piece of equipment that looks like some type of roller (if you know what this is, let me know – I’m curious). To the left of this there is a break in the fence. Walk through here and then turn left.
Take approximately ten steps and then turn to your right. You should see a tree with eight trunks. In the base of this tree, under some leaves and sticks you will find what you are looking for.