Morton Public Library Letterbox  LbNA # 64602

Placed DateMay 23 2013
Location315 W. Pershing St, Morton, IL
Found By Topcollector
Last Found Jul 20 2013
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Morton Public Library Letterbox

The Morton Public Library was started when a club from Morton Community Church organized donations and volunteers for a library in 1922. The library became tax supported in 1925 and the first library board was elected. Architect, Don Westlake, designed the current library building and Diversified Buildings Inc. constructed it. In 1982 the original 9,500 square foot building opened. A 9,700 square foot addition was completed in 1998. The site of the current library building was the former site of the Morton Pottery Factory. Inside the library is a display Morton Pottery items.
Behind the library is the pumpkin canning facility.

Start outside the library entrance. Count the number of letters on the sign above the bench. Take the same number of steps as there are letters on the sign following the right path towards the parking lot. Count the number of stars on the flag and take that many steps through the grass to a big shrub. Go to the two closest pine trees. Scan the row of pine trees and look for a half of a decaying tree. Go to the decaying tree. This leads you to a railroad track. Follow the little path. Go to your left and look for an old railroad tie. There you will find your prize.

Please bring your own ink.