The Sound of Music Series  LbNA # 6463 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerTraveln Turtle    
Placed DateSep 16 2003
LocationBerea, OH
Found By Seven of Vulcan
Last Found Jul 17 2011
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The Sound of Music Series

Equipment Needed: Letterboxing equipment, pen, inkpads and/or markers
Difficulty: Easy
Time: 1 hour

(Originally planted by Valerie and adopted and replanted by Travel'n Turtle.) As of 12/21/2006, this series has new stamps, logbook and clues in the same general location, so is a new find for everyone. Come on back!

The First 7 are micro boxes without logbooks (only a stamp); last one is a true letterbox with a logbook.

Directions: Take I-71 to the Cleveland area; get off on the Bagley Rd. exit. Take Bagley Rd. west to Front St. and turn left. Take Front St. through the center of town, after you past E. Bridge St. the entrance to the Metroparks is on your right after the Berea Quarry sign. Take road around bend and to first parking lot on left (there is a sign for the Music Mound).

These letterboxes are located in a part of the Metroparks called the Music Mound. This spot was chosen originally by Fat Larry because “it was one of our favorite destinations on our bike rides when I was younger. My brother called it the "beautiful land". In the summer they have bands play here on the stage. The Sound of Music was one of my favorite movies and is a classic.” I agree with Fat Larry; I love the movie. I also have my own reasons for wanting to plant here. I have a sister-in-law who is a nun who just moved back to Steubenville, Ohio from Austria. She plays the guitar and sings, so I dragged her along to help me plant!


1. After parking, cross the street and enter through the entrance with the sign that says “NO VEHICLE BEYOND THIS POINT”. Walk up the road between the trees to the stone block steps in the middle of the field.

2. From the West side of the stone block steps, go 230° to the bench. From the front of the bench go toward the gravel path. Turn left at the small trail into the woods right before the 3-forked tree. From the edge of the gravel path take 30 single-stepped paces, stop in front of the tree with 3 slots in it’s trunk on your right. Look right, toward the gravel path; see the tiny tree with the tunnel through its base? Find Do, a deer, a female deer (#1 mini box) in the tiny “V”ed tree’s base to its right.

3. Continue up the wooded trail past the slotted tree 9 single-stepped paces. Turn right, go to the long rock “bench” and look half way up the rock to the smaller rock sitting in front of it (closer to the gravel path). Here you will find, (#2, micro-mini box) Re, a drop of golden sun. It is in the notch of the smaller rock close to the big rock, at the base.

4. Return to the wooded trail and continue on, staying closer to the right and the ivy. You will go up a small hill. Stop in front of the rock on your right that has a perfectly straight edge facing you. This rock’s top is at about knee level. See the rounded notch on the left side, due to quarrying? Me, a name I call myself (#3 mini box) is hiding at the base of this notch under a rock.

5. Continue on to the stage. Stop when you get to the stone steps down onto the stage. From the bottom step go 30° into the ivy behind the 3-forked tree. Fa, a long, long way to run (#4 mini box) is in the crevice that the right angle of the rocks creates!

6. Return to the foot of the stairs. Go Northeast, straight across the back of the stage. 25 single-stepped paces puts you in front of the holly (prickly bush to your left). Take another 9 single-stepped paces, stop and turn left. Look up the hill; you will be taking 6 single-stepped paces up to the right side of the large tree. Under a couple rocks in a hole at the base is So, a needle pulling thread (#5 mini box).

7. Return to the stage, turn Northeast and go up the large path 15 single-stepped paces. Stop here, you will see small trails leading off to your left and right up hills. In front of you at 100° is a half stump. You will find La, a note to follow so (#6 micro-mini box) inside the stump, under a rock.

8. Go back to the large path and continue Northeast towards the river. It will loop around to the bottom of the stage. Turn left when you get to the field and head to the gravel path on the left (not the one you were on before). From the start of the gravel path take 12 single-stepped paces up the path. Turn left and take the small trail towards the river trail. Turn right on the river trail and take it 5 single-stepped paces. Look right; see the rock with the perfect circle hole cut into its top? Ti, a drink with jam and bread (#7 mini box) is hidden next to the hole at the base of the rock.

9. Return to the stage. Your encore performance is about to start. Count the steps as you go. You will go up the steps on the left of the stage, loop around and head up the next set of steps. Add both sets of steps together. You will go that many single-stepped paces up the wooded trail on the left (the one you started out on). Find the Sound of Music letterbox with logbook under the stump and rocks on the left. Please hide it well and don’t let it be obvious that there is something underneath it. Use the ivy! (#8 is a normal sized box)

If you are uncertain about how you hid any of these boxes, please retrace your steps and make sure they are well hidden. You should not be able to see them! Please contact me when you find this LB and give me a status update! Thanks!