Menagerie  LbNA # 64653

OwnerWry Me    
Placed DateMay 24 2013
LocationMemorial Park, Houston, TX
Found By NLW
Last Found Dec 31 2014
Hike Distance?
Last EditedDec 12 2015

** Rooster is missing ***

Heading west on Memorial Drive, pass the ball fields on the left and park in the next parking lot by the rugby pitch. Take the purple trail south, keeping the rugby pitch on your right. At the three-way intersection of purple, red and yellow trail. Take the yellow trail at the first trail marker (#1 in the counting) at this intersection, and note trail markers as you go. About 150 steps past the 3rd yellow trail marker, you'll pass three slim oaks in a line facing you to the immediate right on the trail. Then there is an S curve, and on the left, note a log "bridge" across the gully. Walk a little further to an unmarked trail on the left, down a steep incline, to the "bridge support" (the tree holding the log bridge." Behind it is the Rooster, the first animal in our menagerie. This really is a steep hill. You may want to leave a spotter at the top to help haul you back up. Be sure to re-wedge carefully, so the box doesn't migrate down the hill. I was sorely tempted to put the box at the top of the swag "support", but thought better of it. You can thank Open Space, the voice of reason, for that.

Continue until you've found the 5th yellow trail marker. Turn around and Count back 20 steps to a sweet gum with a prominent vine on the right 20 steps off the trail. There, Tiger is stalking you.

Continue down the trail in in the original direction. Panda is 37 steps past the 6th yellow trail marker to an oak on the right 12 steps off-trail.