Bolen Park - G.S. Troop 2891  LbNA # 64676

Placed DateApr 26 2013
LocationLeesburg, VA
Found By paper trail
Last Found Jan 24 2014
Hike Distance?

Philip A. Bolen Memorial Park
42405 Claudia Dr Leesburg, VA 20175

Enter Bolen Park on Claudia Drive and go past the 1st ballfields on the left. Make a right on HorseRun Drive. Park near the bluebird box on the far right and walk up to the picnic tables.

Letter Box #1.-----------------------------

1.Follow the “car width” wide path to the right. Stay on this main trail, going past the turn off on the left. You will see the water tower in the distance. Start up the hill, and on the left in the woods, take notice of the old tractor and farm equipment and truck.

2.Continue on, and at the top of the hill you will see an old wagon. How old do you think it is? Follow the path to the left. As you hike along, notice the woodland trees – oaks, hickories, red buds… but you will come upon an old tree on the right with 4 holes that make it look like a face . Smile back.

3. Keep trekking and enjoy the sights and sounds, as this is part of the approximately 200 acres of woodlands here at Bolen. Go past a trail that goes off to the right and continue until you see a trail on the left. Follow this trail a short way until it starts to go downhill slightly. As the trail starts to bear left, look straight ahead through the forest and see a large hollowed out log.

4.Go off the path to the hollowed out log and look, not inside, but a round and behind the opening, and this where you will find what you have been looking for the whole time. Congratulations!

Letter Box #2 ----------------------------------

Start from the same starting point of letter box #1.

1.Facing the picnic and woods, head up to the trailhead to the right and turn left on to the trail.Keep heading down the trail, you will see a big stump with a hole on your right.

2.Later you will see a cut tree on the left side of the trail with rocks around it and a blue market on the right, keep walking.

3.There will be another trail off to the right, take that trail.There will be logs along the trail that show you the way. As you start up the hill, you will see a big fallen tree. Pass it and then walk along the tree following it to its roots.At the roots, look closely for your treasure!