Library Mania! Sam Gary-Stapleton  LbNA # 64681 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMay 27 2013
Location2961 Roslyn St, Northeast Denver, CO, Denver, CO
Found By the.lovebugs2004
Last Found Jun 7 2013
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Library Mania! Sam Gary-Stapleton

I love libraries. I love libraries so much, I decided I couldn't stand not being familiar with all of them. A couple years ago, my brother, The B! and I set ourselves a quest. To visit all the Denver Public Libraries in the space of 2 days, and check out a book from each one. I got a map and planned our route, and made a chart of all the libraries hours, and The B! drove us to each one. It was an epic quest. (Would I have invented this adventure for myself if I had known about letterboxing back then? Good question.)

I'm not going to send you to every library in the system, that would be ridiculous! Also a few new branches have been added since our adventure that I'd like to see for myself. So I'm picking a few of the most interesting to send you to.

The Sam Gary branch in Stapleton is one of the newest branches, opened in August 2012. It is LEED gold certified, which means they use technology and design innovations to make the building green for a happier planet. They have low-flow plumbing fixtures, window glazing and insulation, underfloor air distribution, and sunlight tubes throughout the building.

From Quebec, turn onto either 29th Drive or 29th Ave. The library is between these two streets, tucked away behind the retail on 29th ave. As you turn in towards the parking lot, you'll notice a nice covered parking area on the west side. You can't park there, but you might want to park in the strip of spots on the north end of the covered lot. After you've parked, walk towards the library. Stop at the stop sign on the north end of the covered parking, facing the library. Look in the bush at the base of the stop sign and light pole. It would be a good idea to stamp up in your car.

If you have time, go in and check out the library. There are small signs and clear floor panels all around that explain the LEED technology and let you look into the workings under the floor. Check for hours.