Audobon2  LbNA # 6471

Placed DateNov 18 2003
LocationReston, VA
Found By K&K
Last Found Mar 10 2013
Hike Distance?

Audubon Two (3 Boxes)

This is about a forty-five minute walk round trip not counting finding and logging into boxes. Less if you return by the low road in dry weather. There are a few hills and some rocky areas.
The low areas are part of a flood plain so it can get muddy.

Directions from Washington D.C.: Take Route 66 to Route 267 (Dulles Toll Road). Take Exit 14 to Hunter Mill Road. Turn left to go under Route 267 go through light and up to next light. This is Hunter Mill Road if you go left, but you want to go right onto Sunrise Valley. Go up to next light and turn left unto South Lakes Drive. Turn left again at the next light onto Twin Branches. Turn into the parking lot just before the lake. This is Lake Audubon Access and Pool Parking.

Walk out to Twin Branches Road. Turn right and walk up to the end of the guardrail. Jay walk across street. Continue walking in same direction for 10 steps past guardrail to a path up hill on your left.

(Conditions have changed around these next clues. Can you find it anyway?)

At the top of the hill, turn left down the gravel road. In a few steps a path with a post in center of path will branch off to the right, take this path. Soon this path will fork, take the smaller right fork. Follow this path until you come to the top of the hill at two triple trees. Take sixteen steps to what was once another triple tree.

On your left you will see a leaning tree. Go to this tree and turn left past a pointy rootstock to another triple tree. You will see a big rock outcropping ahead of you and on your right.

In the trees amongst the rocks ahead of you a flock of our feathered friends rested before flying south. In the midst of these rocks, you will see a very prominent wedge sticking up with a quartz vein. The wedge is pointing up hill to an another big upright slab under which you will find who our feathered friends were.

Back track to rocky road and turn right down the hill. Go carefully down the gravel road. At the bottom of the hill, the road bears right. You will pass a ford. Continue down this road until you come to bridge # 44. Cross bridge and follow path with houses uphill on your left and the creek off to your right.

The path forks, with the larger going off to the right following the sewer line. The smaller path goes off to the left following the base of the hill. Take the left path which quickly veers to the right up and over an earthen flood control dam. Take path up and over the dam.

On the other side of the dam, you will see three different ways to go. If you go left, you will head towards "Christmas Tree Graveyard" and "Furry Woodland Creature". (See website). Straight ahead is the High Road and right is the Low Road. You may choose in dry weather to return home via the low road. Take the HIGH Road. This is often good advice.

Counting 40 big steps from base of hill, you will see a double tree on the right side of the path. A little further on you will see a double tree on the left side of the path. Look through the double tree to another double tree. This double tree stands between two small rock outcroppings. The rocks to the left and uphill have a small pointy tree stump above them.

It was at this pointy stump that our feathered friend ate his lunch. Under some crossed sticks near the base of the stump, you will find who he was.

Continue taking the high road. A few minutes along the path Isabel has blocked the path with some fallen trees. Head up hill around the trees and you will work your way back to the path. Cross the Boy Scout bridge and down the stairs.

At the end of the stairs, take the left path continuing on the high road. The high road is dryer and prettier, but at this point you could go down the hill and take the low road. If you decide to take the low road at this time turn left and resume directions at bridge #43.

The high road will make many twists, turns, and ups and downs until you reach another Isabel hazard. At this point, cut your way down hill to the low road and go left. Path will veer left. Soon you will cross Bridge #43.

About 20 feet past bridge you will take the right turn. Go right again past manhole cover. A nice fishing hole is on your right with a great hollow tree with twisting roots leaning over creek. If you turn around you will see an old tree house on the other side of the creek.

Look back up the path that led you here and up the hill you will see a large tree which twists midway up. At base of this tree in the back you will find a hole and you will discover she who hunts these forests. Little Furry Woodland Creatures Beware!

Return to the dam by either the high or low road and back track to your car at the lake. Thanks for visited and I hope you enjoyed our favorite Reston woods!