Brandoodles  LbNA # 64719

Placed DateMay 30 2013
LocationHUGUENOT PARK Huguenot Park 10901 Robious Rd N.Chesterfield VA 23235, richmond, VA
Found By Team Holloway
Last Found Feb 25 2014
Hike Distance?


Huguenot Park
10901 Robious Rd
N.Chesterfield VA 23235

Locate the white gazebo and the trek to find Brandoodles is on its way!
Walk the small paved path that leads to black fencing.
Standing w/ the black fencing to your back, a footpath will be visible. (a large pine tree guards it) It will take you to the main path.
To ensure you are trekking in the correct direction
a HealthTrail station will be on your LEFT.
Follow the 2nd path afterward - on your LEFT.
Continue on this path you will see a sign directing you to a Shelter -- DISREGARD
and keep walking, running, skipping which ever your fancy.
And what do you know? Another HealthTrail Station will present itself.
This time check out the fitness examples and the info that is provided.

Are you an expert?
Are you a beginner?
Are you in between?

Well lucky you, you get to be all three!
You do not need to be super fit to locate Brandoodles
but a little math will guide your way!

While reading the fitness info you can reach out and be able to touch a tree.
This tree indicates the launch of your foot work:
Take TWO beginner "chinup-rep" steps
Take ONE expert "chinup-rep" steps
Take TWO intermediate "chinup-rep" steps

These calculated steps will lead you to a low lying hollowed out stump.
Alas! Brandoodles is in your presence! Please close box correctly and give
it a leaf blessing.

side note:
Brandon's artwork always amazed me it was like being able to peek into his brain just
for a moment. I fashioned him the nickname "Brandoodles" because he was always drawing