Strategic Air Command  LbNA # 64732

Placed DateJun 1 2013
CountySanta Fe
LocationNational Cemetery, 501 North Guadalupe Street, Santa Fe, NM
Found By FamilyTreeShaker
Last Found Sep 21 2014
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Strategic Air Command

This is not a geocache: please do not take the stamps and leave no trinkets.
Bring your own ink.
Hours are sunrise to sunset.

My dad rests here now. He had joined the Army Air Force in 1940. Soon it became the U.S. Air Force and he served long and proud as a member of the Strategic Air Command in the Pacific in World War II, the Korean Conflict and during the Cold War. He fixed the big birds--no matter how brave the pilot, how skilled the navigator, how accurate the bombardier, they were nothing without a good mechanic. Here the nation honors its veterans and their spouses by burying them together with others who have served.

You'll visit my dad's headstone, but don't get creeped out. He loved people and he loved fun.

Directions: From the St. Francis exit on I-25 head west through town. After the stop light and railroad tracks at Cerrillos Street, get in the right lane and follow the brown National Cemetery signs. After the entrance gates to the cemetery bear left on the outer loop. Keep left and twice you'll need to take left turns. After the second left, at the top of a rise, pull off to the right and park to visit section 24. CWO4 Raymond A. Stevens is on the fourth row from the east and five rows from the north. Go to his headstone.

Clue: Look toward the 19,4,w,18. Under the second p8,18,14,18,2,3,6,6/ 6,4,1,5,w,4,3,19 at 5,w,6,19,2,y-2,h,3,6,6 o'clock(We be talking military) from where you face.

Hint: boxname: hint=h,11,18,2

Please do not let others see you as you snag and rehide the treasure. Please move away from the hiding place to stamp in. Rehide so the rocks completely hide the letterbox, and bless by throwing some dirt and leaves over so that they blend in naturally.

Happy hunting.