Welcome to Walcott  LbNA # 64736

OwnerThe Kolwey Kids    
Placed DateJun 1 2013
LocationWalcott, IA
Found By Hart x6
Last Found Sep 25 2013
Hike Distance?

Wherever you are in Davenport, Iowa get on Kimberly Road and head West out of town. About 5 minutes after leaving Davenport (still driving on Kimberly Road), keep your eyes peeled for the town of Walcott which will be coming up soon. It'll be on your left side (if you get to the town of Durant you've gone too far!). When you see Walcott, enter the town by way of Main Street and head South. Not long on the road you'll see a nursing home called Courtyard Estates on the right(this parking lot would be a good place to park). Look for the gazebo near the nursing home and not far from there you'll see where we got the name for this letterbox. The brick path around this has several different bricks with inscriptions, look for the white one that says "Walcott Elementary School"--see the street sign closest to you? How many letters are in that name? Take that many heel-to-toe steps from the "Walcott Elementary School" stone going South, bend down and look under the bush on your left and you'll find our letterbox. The stamp is a symbol of the crop that usually is planted surrounding the town of Walcott.

***We moved to a farm near Walcott last year and noticed that there aren't any letterboxes in Walcott so we thought we'd change that, we hope that this box will be just the first one in a series of Walcott placements.