Pioneer Graveyard  LbNA # 64740

OwnerMama Losterboxer    
Placed DateMay 25 2013
LocationSummit Meadow, Mt. Hood, Government Camp, OR, OR
Found ByTexas Fish Girl
Last UpdateJun 4 2013


Pioneer Graveyard

Our wonderful family took a spontaneous weekend to Summit Meadows cabin in May and relaxed, read, played games and watched the dogs run around gleefully. My ten-year old daughter and I decided to plant a series of letterboxes near the Pioneer Graves. This was my daughter's first planting, and she is very excited! She compiled the clues and hand carved the 'Pioneer Graves' stamp. These are great boxes for kids of any age to find, and a beautiful place to spend some time. This can be an easy drive-by or a lovely walk from Trillium Lake. Mountain bikes would be perfect! Please let us know you've found the boxes by logging them at, or email me at

-Mama Losterboxer

From the little ski village of Government Camp drive east on Hwy 26. Exit to the right at the Trillium Lake trailhead and follow forest service road 2656. Turn right at the sign pointing toward Summit Meadows. Follow the road and the power-lines as the road curves to the right. Watch for the sign that says 'Tele Tales21' and park near here.

Stand in front of the Tele Tales sign and take one giant leap to the left. Walk the dirt path to get to the board walk. Walk eleven planks and you'll see that one is missing. Jump over it and continue down the board walk to the sign. Take in the view (if it is a clear day Mt. Hood will be right there!) read the sign, and have a relaxing sit on the bench. From the bench look to the left and you'll see a stump across the road. Go to the stump, and stand with your back facing the small pioneer graveyard. From here you should be able to see a two-headed tree. The two-headed tree has a very close neighbor, and between them is where the Babe's of Barlow (box #1) hide.

From the Babe's of Barlow walk ten paces to a large funny shaped boulder. Walk from there to the graveyard, and stand in front of the gravestone with the writing on it. The fence here has a missing post. Count the number of posts from the gap to the right corner. Now return to the big boulder. From the big boulder the number of fence posts you counted is the number of rocks you need to follow to find the Pioneer Grave box.