Name that Moss  LbNA # 64751

OwnerFriendly Naturalist      
Placed DateMar 21 2013
LocationLaurel Bluff trail, Greensboro, NC
Found ByLovebirds-NC
Last UpdateDec 13 2014


Name that Moss

To find this letterbox you’ll need to be able to recognize Bryoandersonia Moss (Bryoandersonia illecebra). Here’s a link to a profile:

The letterbox is located along the Laurel Bluff trail, which is 3.5 miles long. There is parking at either end: Lake Brandt road or North Church street.

Find Location #120, then turn and face downhill, towards the water. Straight ahead you’ll see an outcropping of rocks. You’ll notice a few different kinds of mosses growing on these rocks. Find the one that has the Bryoandersonia Moss growing on it. The letterbox is hidden behind this rock.

Take a moment to enjoy the view from this vantage point.