Restless Rattler  LbNA # 64782

Placed DateJun 9 2013
LocationRattlesnake Rock, Blackwell, PA
Found By orangeblssm1976
Last Found Jun 19 2013
Hike Distance?

The Morris Rattlesnake Roundup started in 1956 and usually takes place the second week in June every year. At that time, the snakes were caught and sold to leather craftsman and zoos. Now, the snakes are released back into the wild as they have become an endangered species. The roundup is sponsored by the local fire company, which includes many activities throughout the weekend event. Activities include crafts, flea market, kids snake hunt, softball tournament, volleyball tournament, bingo, music, fireworks and lots of food.

Restless Rattler has escaped being captured this year and traveled south to Rattlesnake Rock, which is located along route 414 between Blackwell and Cedar Run. Find the Rattlesnake Rock parking access and park near the restrooms. Follow the path across the bike trail and continue toward the Pine Creek, looking for a path to the left. Walk between two tall twin sisters and look for their brother on your left. Restless Rattler has slithered under a flat rock. After re-hiding well, walk to the water to see Rattlesnake Rock. Please be very careful as this is prime habitat for rattlesnakes. As many as thirty rattlesnake have been seen on the rock at a time. Hope you enjoyed.