Middle Spunk Lake Rest Area  LbNA # 64817

OwnerTeam Pocket Lake    
Placed DateJun 8 2008
LocationI-94 Rest Area (near avon), Avon, MN
Found By aronsonfamily
Last Found Jun 23 2013
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Middle Spunk Lake Rest Area

Time to take a break from traffic and head on a nicely paved trail with the kids and dogs.

Starting at the pet area with your dogs leashed but NOT your children!!! walk toward Middle Spunk Lake...take a rest to swing and slide on your left as you begin to turn to walk alongside the lake. You will pass the rest area pavillion and you can begin watching table numbers -

The number of this table stop is 7 x 3 = _____ or for younger children 10 + 11 = ______.

While parents rest at the table - perhaps even have a quick picnic - there is a wonderful twisted tree and will be found within it's branches.

Very oddly on 6-10-13 I was looking around the twisted tree, and I found an archived letterbox. That I'm re-activating because it is still there, in good condition.