Library Mania! Woodbury  LbNA # 64818 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJun 10 2013
Location3265 Federal Blvd, Denver, CO, Denver, CO
Found By the.lovebugs2004
Last Found Jul 20 2013
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Library Mania! Woodbury

I love libraries. I love libraries so much, I decided I couldn't stand not being familiar with all of them. A couple years ago, my brother, The B! and I set ourselves a quest. To visit all the Denver Public Libraries in the space of 2 days, and check out a book from each one. I got a map and planned our route, and made a chart of all the libraries hours, and The B! drove us to each one. It was an epic quest. (Would I have invented this adventure for myself if I had known about letterboxing back then? Good question.)

I'm not going to send you to every library in the system, that would be ridiculous! Also a few new branches have been added since our adventure that I'd like to see for myself. So I'm picking a few of the most interesting to send you to.


Woodbury branch is one of the original four Carnegie libraries built in Denver. It cost $22,000 to build and was opened July 9th, 1913. This year is the branch's 100th year of continued operation as a library! Be sure to stop by Woodbury for their Centennial celebration this July. When it opened, the library held 6,500 volumes. Today it holds somewhere in the neighborhood of 54,000. Roger Woodbury was a resident of Denver and served on original Library Commission, which created the Denver Public Library System. He lived in the Highlands, and was president of the Denver Chamber of Commerce.

Turn onto West Highland Park Place. There is a parking lot for library patrons on the North side of the library. Walk around to the front of the library, taking note of the high arched windows and stonework. Sit on one of the stone benches in the front of the library and look up to find the "C&CD" emblem. The architect, J.B. Benedict, modeled the library after the Medici palace in Florence, but exchanged the Medici emblem for this one, which stands for "City and County of Denver." Head back to the North end of the building and find a large green mechanical box. In the planter immediately in front of the box there is a loose flap of brown weed-reducer material. Camo pouch is tucked under the loose flap. NOTE: This hiding place is far from ideal, but I had trouble finding a better spot, especially as there are construction crews all over the place right now. Please let me know if you can find a better hiding spot. You might want to visit this box on Sunday when the library is closed, in the hopes of avoiding the workmen and library patrons in the parking lot.

If you do go inside the library, look up at the gorgeous vaulted beam ceilings. Say hi to the friendly librarians (one of them helped me research this box)! You can also check out the portrait of Roger Woodbury above the fireplace on the South end.