My Heart in Your Hands  LbNA # 64835 (ARCHIVED)

Ownerlady slpa    
Placed DateJun 8 2013
LocationShawnee State Park, Portsmouth, OH
Found By Fischels
Last Found Jul 20 2013
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My Heart in Your Hands

***It has been noticed that there is poison ivy and poison oak on Picnic Point. It doesn't seem to be near the boxes themselves, but you may want to wear long pants or have your Technu on hand on this trip! :)

On a recent trip to the great state of Ohio, I decided to leave behind a couple of gifts for the locals. Enjoy!

Find your way to Shawnee State Park in Portsmouth. Look carefully for State Forest Road 1 (aka Pond Lick Rd) You'll come to State Forest Rd 9 shortly. Turn here and head up, up, UP to Picnic Point.

As you pull into Picnic Point, you may see a dirt road leading off to the right just after the large dead log beside the main road. 40 paces off the tar, down this dirt road, you will see a a large stump on the left that was bulldozed over from the top of the embankment. Facing the bank, the box is tucked up between the stump and the embankment on the left behind some small rocks. This box contains two stamps. You may want to bring along black or brown ink for the larger stamp, and red ink for the smaller one. I thought these two stamps would be perfect to plant with the help of my new friend, Bob the Builder. My heart is certainly in his hands. :)

I hope you have someone special to enjoy the view with you at Picnic Point. It is amazing!