For the Love of Lincoln  LbNA # 64890

OwnerThe Hoover Family    
Placed DateJun 16 2013
LocationEisenhour Cemetery, Pemberville, OH
Found By mdwalsh19
Last Found Aug 15 2015
Hike Distance?

Lincoln was our 4th child. He was born prematurely at 15 weeks gestation. It is amazing the amount of love a parent can have for their child even before they get to know them. He was born on
December 28, 2007. He fit in the palm of our hand and we were able to get his hand and foot prints. These stamps are dedicated to him and to the rest of the unborn, premature and still born who we didn’t get to know and care for this time around. Life is precious and our Lord is Mighty.

This letterbox is in Eisenhour Cemetery. The cemetery is off of Bradner Rd. in Pemberville, OH situated between Gibsonburg Rd. and Eisenhour Rd. Take the entrance with the name of the cemetery on the arch. Enter in and take the right. Follow forward then take a left. Take that forward and take a right. There will be a border of green nest providers on your left as you drive along. Count to the 5th one. Stop there and get out of your car. Walk into the cemetery over to Lincoln’s head stone base. He doesn’t have a head stone yet. It has the hand holding a little baby with wings placed on top of it. As of right now he is the most south eastern grave. Now that you’ve been there, stand at his head stone base and face south east. Count 26 regular adult steps. Look under that green nest provider for a pile of rocks.

Underneath the rocks you will find a medium cammo’d water tight container containing 2 stamps. You can imprint both stamps, or the one to your liking.

Please make sure to stuff the items all the way back in as to not get the bag caught in the seal of the container. Please place back as you found it. The grounds are kept up nicely, so this needs to remain hidden. Please respect the small cemetery and keep in mind the passer by’s on the road.

Easy enough for the family.

There is a small prize for the first finder.