Trees: Boxelder  LbNA # 64911

OwnerOak Nut    
Placed DateJun 18 2013
LocationBrigham County Park, Blue Mounds, WI
Found By LetterBoxGyrl
Last Found Jul 23 2016
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Trees: Boxelder

Box Elder trees belong to the same family as Maples. They can be tapped to make syrup but it is lighter in color and taste. It is considered a nuisance tree by many because it will pop up anywhere. It grows rapidly and the wood has no commercial value. They still give plenty of shade on a hot day though.

Enter the trail at the east end of the camping area. At the fork in the trail go right (trails 2 & 3), at the T go to the right. At the Tower anchor go left and follow the trail back into the woods. Take Trail 3 to the right. A little way up the path, to the left, you will see a tall double stump from a tree that fell many years ago. The box is resting in one of the stumps.

Be sure to check out the other boxes in the Park.