Pataskala Cemetery (1/8)  LbNA # 64913

Placed DateJun 18 2013
Location9545 Creek Rd, Pataskala, OH, PATASKALA, OH
Found By Gems.0714
Last Found May 20 2016
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History of Pataskala
This letterboxing series was an Eagle Scout Project done by Isaac O’Brien from Pataskala Troop 21. Your journey will begin at the Pataskala Cemetery, located at 9545 Creek Rd, Pataskala, OH 43062.

The Pataskala Cemetery
The history of the Pataskala Cemetery begins with the founder of the village of Pataskala Richard Conine. Mr. Conine came to this area about 1821 and in addition to donating land for the present cemetery on the banks of the Muddy Fork Creek, laying out the village of Conine (now called Pataskala) in 1851, he built a mill near what is now the intersection of Mill Street and Creek Road. He obviously had much influence in the early years and development of this area. Fittingly, Mr. Conine and his wife Sarah are buried in the Pataskala Cemetery as are members of a number of the pioneer families i.e., Mead, Youmans, Fravel, Atkinson, Baird, Van Dorn, Alward, and Nichols to name just a few. The cemetery continues to be the resting place for our area's citizens as new land has been added over the years. Of significance is the fact that services are held in the cemetery each Memorial and Veterans' Day honoring not only the area's veterans but all who have gone before. Many of us alive today remember marching from what is now the Pataskala Elementary School to the cemetery on Memorial Day and placing wreaths over the flags on the graves of those who served in each of the country's wars. Today we honor Mr. Conine for laying the groundwork for what this area could become. He and his wife later built a home at the intersection of S. R. 310 and 16. It was razed in the 1960s but is identified for today's citizens by an Ohio Historical Marker made possible by the West Licking Historical Society.

Clues: Upon entering The Pataskala Cemetery, turn right at the split in the road. Give a nice wave to LEORA “Boots” MAXINE as you pass by. Take a left at the split in the road and park by the grave that is encompassed by a tree. From this tree, take 30 steps at 250° to the GILBERT barrel. Make your way to the large tree at 170°. While facing this tree, on your left is the grave of Richard and Sarah Conine, the founders of Pataskala. At 140° cross the street and walk until you have reached the old pig skin marked #62. Y look to the left? To find the history beneath the tree of course!

Exit the cemetery, cross the street to your left, and arrive at the Pataskala Municipal Park. Walk over to and begin on the south side of the paved recreational trail.