Pataskala Municipal Park (2/8)  LbNA # 64914 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJun 18 2013
LocationCreek Rd, Pataskala, OH, PATASKALA, OH
Found By TeamDoll
Last Found Sep 1 2013
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Municipal Park in Pataskala
First known as Pataskala Recreation Park, Municipal Park is the first of the six parks in the Pataskala Parks system. It had its beginnings in July 1967 when a committee under the leadership of Police Chief James Littrell set about to bring a pool to Pataskala. The fruits of the very hard work of committee were realized when the park and pool opened in its present location on June 10, 1972. It enjoyed community support and popularity for many years but after awhile its needs in relation to funds available forced its closing. Now in 2013 it is once again a popular venue becoming a part of the bicycle/walking path in Pataskala. The path is now the scene of a story trail "Who Walked Here?" featuring a story and artwork by local artist Laurie VanBalen and sponsored by the Pataskala Public Library capturing the essence of what this area might have been long ago.

Clues: While walking down the trail, see if some youngsters are playing Tee-Ball. Wave hello to the Mayor’s grandchildren on your left. Continue down the trail and be sure to read the city’s storywalk along the fence. Can you find the squirrel in every scene? Continue on the paved path until you cross the metal bridge and arrive at two wooden barriers. (tall white fence to the right) standing at the barriers on the path, turn to your left. You will notice at the edge of the woods a gnarly tree. To the left and slightly deeper in the woods there will be a tree with two rotting spots about 5 feet up. Search in the lower rotting spot to find what you seek.

Walking or driving is your choice to the next location. Walking is recommended. Travel on creek road towards the 3 way stop. At this stop turn left onto Mill Street. Travel down this road and then turn right on Main Street. Continue down Main Street until reaching the Pataskala United Methodist Church on the right.