The Sterling Theater (4/8)  LbNA # 64916

Placed DateJun 18 2013
Location430 S Main St, Pataskala, OH, PATASKALA, OH
Found By 'Zim'ster
Last Found Aug 24 2013
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The Sterling Theater

The Sterling Theater is located on the second floor of the big brick building on South Main Street in Pataskala built in 1916 as the Pataskala Town Hall. This auditorium very soon became the local movie theater where movies were shown until the 1960s. Citizens today remember "going to the movie" there on Friday, Saturday and Sunday each weekend. The same movie was shown Friday and Saturday with a "new" one on Sunday. At least one Pataskala resident who has since passed away remembers playing the piano in this theater to accompany silent movies. While the local high school was undergoing construction in the 1920s and early 1930s the high school classes rehearsed and performed their class plays in this auditorium. Their "autographs" can still be seen on the walls backstage! In the latter part of the 20th century the building gradually fell in disrepair and city government moved its offices to another venue. New life was breathed into the old theater in 2009 when a not-for-profit organization, the Historical Pataskala Town Hall, Inc., was formed. This group of committed volunteers was responsible for the beautiful theater we see today, in 2013. While this rebirth required much physical repair as well as new windows, and a new stage curtain, the seats remain the same. . .chewing gum and all! Once again the Sterling Theater is a part of recreational and artistic life of the Pataskala area.

Clues: Begin in front of the rock by Old Glory. Be sure to be polite to the police officers, maybe bring them a donut of two. There are two benches at this station. Go to the bench on the right. At 110° take 49 steps to a large tree, being sure to pass all four air conditioning units. With your back to the tree facing West, there is a strange tree located between tow pine trees. Travel to this tree. At the base of this tree, among the foliage, you will find what was once the town hall, and is now the Sterling theater and Police station.

Continue up to the crosswalk and cross the street, arriving at the Pataskala Presbyterian Church.