Krehbiel Lodge (8/8)  LbNA # 64922

Placed DateJun 18 2013
LocationW Mill St, Pataskala, OH, PATASKALA, OH
Found By 'Zim'ster
Last Found May 3 2015
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Krehbiel Lodge
Nearly 100 years ago Troop 21 was known as Troop 1! There was a small break and it became Troop 21 and is the oldest continuing service Boy Scout Troop in Licking County. Through all of those years hundreds of young men passed through its history with varying amounts of gaining knowledge that enriched their later lives. One of the physical events that allowed Troop 21 to become a continuing success was the vision of our forefathers in building a structure that would house all of the many programs in Scouting!! This vision allowed greater latitude in those programs of Scouting for generations to come!!! During World War II Troop 21 Leaders built the first section of the Log Cabin located on land loaned to the Troop by Helmer Krehbiel. The building by being built during a world war required permission from the War Materials Department of the Federal Government to acquire materials that would have been otherwise used for military purposes. All the materials were donated. Examples were the power poles donated by the Electric Company used for the logs. In the 1980’s the north section of the building was added because of continuing growth of the troop. The “loaned” land was acquired by Troop 21 from Mr. Krehbiel and a Holding Corporation was formed that would protect the use of the building and property for Boy Scout programs indefinitely. No other Troop in Licking County and probably in the State of Ohio owns their own property to use for their activities. Many Eagles have left the nest of Krehbiel Lodge to spread their wings through successful lives!!!

Clues: Looking at the Krehbiel Lodge sign, walk to the east side of the building until you see the flag pole. Make your way towards this flag pole. On your right you should see the amphitheater. Find superman in the amphitheater. Walk north 40 steps as the crow flies. Where the two sides of the cabin meet, reach under the edge of the roof to find your final prize!