How to Find a Dragon  LbNA # 64930 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerThe "Sneak"-ers    
Placed DateJun 1 2013
Location???, Lake Geneva, WI
Found By The Britcon Pride
Last Found Aug 15 2014
Hike Distance?

Along time ago, there lived a boy. His name was Hiccup. He wanted nothing more than to shoot down a dragon to prove his worth. Well, his wish came true. One day, he shot down a Night Fury dragon. No one had ever taken one of these amazing beasts down before. As he hunted for his prize in the woods, he stumbled and hit his head. He was knocked out cold. This is where our journey begins.

We must first find Hiccup and wake him so that we can find the Night Fury. We suggest choosing a park in Lake Geneva aptly named for a large creature.

BOX #1
We enter this state park through the Entrance Station on S. Lake Shore Drive. We drive past a parking lot on our right until we reach another parking lot on our left. We head to the corner of the lot where we see a post with a red trail marker.

We decide to follow this red trail up a slight hill. Shortly, the path slopes back down and to the left. It brings us to the intersection of the red and blue trails. There is a bench on the right. As we sit and rest for a moment we hear a groan in the woods nearby. Maybe it is Hiccup! The noise was coming from the right, down the blue trail. We stand up and take 25 paces to the right (down the blue trail). We notice lots of downed trees in the woods to the left. However, one tree still rooted in the ground, yet broken in half, stands taller than the others. Another tree has fallen in front of it and has formed the shape of a cross. Look up at the point where these two trees cross and find the boy who is vital to our dragon hunt.

Now that Hiccup is awake, he shares with us that just before he was knocked out, he saw the dragon run down the blue trail. We quickly head out of the trees and back to the trail. We continue down the hill. Hiccup warns us of the danger we face. Night furies are the most dangerous dragons of all. If you are brave enough…PROCEED WITH CAUTION.

***If you need a break…continue down the blue trail until you hit the road. Bathrooms are off to your right. Play and picnic areas are located across the street. When finished, meet Hiccup back at the intersection of the red and blue trails. You will turn right and follow the red trail. ***

***If you are not taking a break, then turn left at the next trail intersection (red and blue) and follow the red trail. ***

As we walk on the red trail, we pass a fallen tree on our left, with large notches cut out of it…perhaps from a hungry dragon sharpening his teeth. We are definitely on the right path! A short while up ahead, we come to another intersection of the red and blue trails. Turn left and follow the blue trail. As we walk, veer slightly off the blue trail (to the right) and take the Self-Guided nature trail. We now enter a very covered and marshy area. Proceed quietly and carefully. Hiccup thinks we are close! Up ahead on the left is a bench. We stand on it to see if we can catch a glimpse of the Night Fury. We spot something on the marsh side of the trail about 23 paces back in the direction from which we came. There is a fallen tree right along the path, marked with an orange spot. Look near its base to find the Night Fury.

BOX #3
Without your help, we would not have found this wonderful beast. Hiccup notices that the dragon is injured. Humans and dragons are supposed to be enemies, but Hiccup decides we must help him. We must find food and a larger supply of water. As we walk with the dragon on the Nature Trail, we learn that dragons are not at all evil like we thought. We name him Toothless and we all become the best of friends.

We head along the nature trail until our path crosses the blue trail. Toothless picks up the scent of food and he leads us off to the right, down the blue trail. He runs ahead where we see a lagoon. The lagoon is teaming with fish, frogs and turtles, a perfect snack for our new friend. **Climb up on the bridges for some wonderful views. **

After Toothless fills his belly, we are ready to continue along the lagoon in the general direction of the road upon which we entered. We are now following the blue, green and yellow trail. As we walk we see other dragons flying overhead. They seem afraid. Toothless calls to them. We realize that Toothless and the other dragons are in danger.

Toothless speeds up as we make a left turn onto the blue trail. We pass restrooms on the right. Keep going! We come to discover that the dragons are being ruled by a humongous and wicked queen dragon who demands them all to serve her. We must find her and end her reign of terror.
We make a sharp right onto the red trail near the same bench we rested on at the beginning of our adventure. This time we notice a very big tree on the left hand side of the trail, shortly before the trail curves off to the right. Below it is a fallen tree. This is the mean queen’s NEST! The fallen tree is shaped like a sling shot. Look inside the hollow (the one facing the path) of the tree to find the queen dragon.

Your mission was successful. Continue down the red trail to the parking lot. Bid farewell to Hiccup and Toothless. As you get in your car to drive home, know that they too make it home safely. They are able to show the others in their village that dragons are much different than they originally thought. From this day forward, humans continue to live in harmony with these amazing creatures. Hiccup is forever grateful.