Woody Woodpecker  LbNA # 64959

Placed DateJun 21 2013
CountySan Juan
Location5700 College Blvd, Farmington, NM
Found By lionsmane
Last Found Dec 28 2013
Hike Distance?

The Walter Lantz Studio periodically found itself in financial difficulty. In 1940, the studio was saved by a successful production of the fourth Andy Panda cartoon. Andy's next cartoon saw the introduction of a zany woodpecker. The character was a prime example of the crazy cartoon genre. Woody Woodpecker became Lantz's premier star and was personified by his screwball antics and manic laugh.

From Pinon Hills Blvd, turn north onto College Blvd. Go past the entrance to Piedra Vista HS and turn right just after the brown "Lion's Wilderness Park Amphitheater" sign. Turn left after next brown "Lion's Wilderness Amphitheater" sign. Follow the road around a 90 degree right turn and turn left through the yellow gate into a parki8ng lot. Go to the far end from the gate and park. The road continues on to the amphitheater. From the corner of the lot/road, go 27 steps and note the pine tree on your right. Carefully make your way down the slope. The letterbox is in the pine on the side away from the road.