Land Between the Lakes  LbNA # 6496

OwnerThe Doctors B    
Placed DateAug 7 2003
LocationCadiz, KY
Found By Martini Man
Last Found Jan 5 2016
Hike Distance?

***In place as of 01/08/2011. Adopted by The Doctors B.

This box was placed by my family to draw attention to the LBL. This is one of the finest outdoor recreation areas in the mid south. It features walking trails, areas designated for off road vehicles, horse trails, campgrounds as well as back country camps. The LBL as its name sugests is located in between Kentucky lake and lake Barkley and covers an area from northern Kentucky all the way into northern Tennessee.

The directions to our box are as follows. From I24 take the Cadiz exit # 68 and follow HWY 68 west 20 miles to the entrance to the Trace follow the signs to the visitors center. go inside the visitors and into the garden behind follow the concrete path south to the closed solar electricity exhibit. (***As of 01/2011, the exhibit was not there. Just go until the concrete path dead-ends and you are standing next to some small concrete slabs on the ground.) Standing at the end of the path, look south and see a birdhouse. Standing next to the birdhouse, walk 65 steps to the west. Find your box in the crook of the cedar tree. Happy hunting. Then take a look at what this beautiful area offers.