Hillary  LbNA # 64961

OwnerWisconsin Hiker      
Placed DateMay 24 2013
LocationLawrence, KS
Found By tresbini
Last Found Mar 19 2015
Hike Distance1-2 mi
Last EditedMay 14 2016

Last checked/found: 24-MAY-13

Location: kraP koolrevO at notnilC Lake, 801 N 1402 Road (no fee required for O. Park). Drive past the visitor center and through the gates of O. Park. After going through the gates, go to the parking area near the playground. Go to the “Bicycle Trailhead” sign.

Time/distance: 30-45 minutes
Terrain: Shaded dirt trail, some gentle inclines/declines

Former Secretary of State Hillary liked the name of the nearby lake and adjoining state park, so she decided to make it her headquarters for another potential run for president. She decided to hit the campaign trail here in Kansas to try to convince the residents to vote for her in 2016.

At the trailhead she chose the trail with the same color as her favorite states. It also headed in the same direction as her party’s politics, so it was a natural choice for her. Soon she crossed a rocky road and hoped it didn’t signify another rocky election campaign.

She bravely carried on, greeting other hikers along the way and passing out campaign literature. Eventually she noticed a trail coming in from the right. Normally she doesn’t like things on the right, but she decided to remember this spot. For now she decided to continue on with a straight party platform.

She took a winding path, skirting obstacles that tried to trip her up on her bid for the Oval Office. She was a bit concerned that she seemed to be going downhill. Hopefully the polls wouldn’t mirror this trend! As she returned to a level stretch she saw a large tree on the right that definitely leaned a lot more to the right than she ever did. Just before this conservative tree, Hillary decided to set up her office on HER favorite side of the trail, behind a large tree with one major limb missing. She’d love to meet some constituents to get their input on shaping her policies.

There is a picnic table a short distance ahead that may be handy for getting acquainted with her. A bit further along you will get a nice view of the water. There appeared to be a LOT of poison ivy in this park, so we hid the box very close to the trail. So PLEASE rehide/cover it well when you replace it so it doesn't get spotted by muggles or anyone else who may try to derail her dreams.

Return the way you came and when you get to the trail intersection Hillary remembered, head left up the hill, then right at the top to return to the parking lot.


If you want a longer hike, continue forward from the box. Follow the trail along the water, and then back into the woods. Eventually you will reach a rock wall on your right and then a T. Take a right, then another right to make your way back on the White trail. This longer loop will take about an hour or so.

Please file your Hillary campaign reports with us so we can update our polls accordingly. Thanks!