Cave Paintings  LbNA # 64968

OwnerWisconsin Hiker      
Placed DateMay 25 2013
LocationShubert, NE
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Hike Distance1 mi
Last EditedMay 14 2016

Last checked/found: 25-MAY-13

Location: naidnI evaC etatS Park. $5 park fee in 2013

Time/distance: ~3/4 mile roundtrip; 30-45 minutes

Terrain: Fairly steep shaded dirt trail. A hiking stick would be helpful.

The highlight of this park is a huge rock cave formed by erosion from the water of the Missouri. It is famous for its prehistoric petroglyphs. Carved into the soft sandstone, the petroglyphs depict wildlife like deer and buffalos. Some of the carvings within the cave are believed to be several thousand years old, but their exact period and cultural affiliations are undetermined. Unfortunately some later visitors added their own graffiti, so some of the petroglyphs are destroyed now.

To find your own souvenir of this ancient art, enter the park and continue on the main road all the way to the end and park near the outhouse. Walk behind the outhouse (southeast) across the open grassy area to trailhead #11. Hike uphill until you reach another post with the number 11. To get an overlook view of the river, go right for a short ways either before or after you find the box. You climbed all the way up - you might as well take in the views!

Back at the 11 post, head left on the trail for 65-70 steps. On the left you should see the base of a tree that has fallen down the hill. Your souvenir is nestled in a "cave" on the left side of the base, protected by bark and branches. (If you reach a charred twin-trunk stump on your right, you have gone 25 steps too far.)

If you haven’t already done so on your way in, be sure to stop to see the actual cave before you leave the area. There are usually many other activities going on in this large park – camping, horseback riding, hiking and special events.

We live quite far away and can’t check on the box, so we would appreciate an email to let us know how the cave paintings are faring. Thank you!