Eagle Outlook  LbNA # 65001

OwnerThe Purple Pixies    
Placed DateJun 16 2013
LocationWater Street, Prairie du Sac, WI
Found By smalltowngal
Last Found Jul 14 2015
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Welcome to the first ever letterbox planted in Sauk Prairie!

The Bald Eagle is the Sauk Prairie mascot, so we thought we'd take you to one of the best spots on the Wisconsin River to observe them in flight: the Ferry Bluff Eagle Council Overlook along Water Street in Prairie du Sac. The overlook is located on the south end of the Ruth Culver Library parking lot (a brand new, awesome library, by the way). At the outlook, view an educational display and a map showing the best spots to view the Bald Eagles. From the outlook, you'll also see Wollersheim Winery directly across the river.

After enjoying the view from the outlook, step back into the parking lot and walk toward the building just south of the lot. There are several evergreen shrubs planted on the north side of the building, adjacent to the lot. You'll find the box nestled on the bottom of the shrub on the far left. Please take caution and be extra sneaky about finding the box if you're visiting during the popular peak eagle watching weeks.

Note that winter is the best time to view the eagles as they use the open waters near the dam to feed. Learn even more about the eagles at Eagle Watching Days in mid-January.

While in town, visit the Ruth Culver Library and the historic Bonham Theater (they still use real butter on their popcorn). And if you want to see more birds, cross the street to visit the top floor of the Sauk Prairie Historical Society where the state's largest collection of birds is housed (stuffed birds, that is). It's pretty remarkable!

Remember to respect the eagle's need for space: stay in your car and use it as a blind when not at the overlook. Do not ever approach eagles on foot. Thank you!