Pleasure House Point  LbNA # 65012

Placed DateJun 27 2013
CountyVirginia Beach city
LocationPleasure House Point Natural Area, Virginia Beach, VA
Found By QOCMike
Last Found Nov 3 2013
Hike Distance?

At the intersection of Shore Dr (Route 60) and Marlin Dr, turn south onto Marlin Dr. Park near the sign that says, “Participating Agencies”. Your trek starts here. Take note of the direction of the leaning tree in the Virginia Beach Parks and Recreation Foundation logo. Follow the Beach Trail right behind the sign.

At the second Beach Trail post, head in the direction you noted in the Participating Agencies sign. Follow the trail to the beginnings of the large stones separating two lakes. Look northeast for a large cedar tree (behind you.) Look for an informal trail that leads through the pines to the cedar tree. You should walk about 10-15 feet on this trail. The letterbox is located about five feet up in the tree branches on the northeast side.

Please be careful not to break any branches, but replace the branches that camouflage the box.

This is a large stamp that may require you to “tap” the ink pad on it several times in order to ensure that all parts of the stamp are covered with ink.

Be discreet as there are frequent visitors to this park. After recording your find, you may wish to take some time to continue to walk on the Beach Trail and enjoy the peaceful setting found on the Lynnhaven River.