The Village Of Clinton  LbNA # 65031

Placed DateJun 27 2013
Locationbetween Freeport and Cadogan, PA
Found By MKLang
Last Found Jul 23 2015
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The Village Of Clinton

The Village of Clinton is a quaint village along the Allegheny River in Armstrong County. The Village of Clinton is found by traveling on Clinton Road from Ford City Road between Cadogan and Freeport Road. You can find Clinton Road by it's street sign but also by the Presbyterian Church sign directing you from Ford City Road. You can make this a "drive-by" finding or park at the Presbyterian Church and walk the short distance to the Letterbox.

When traveling on Clinton Road, you will cross a bridge that is over railroad tracks. Immediately after crossing the bridge, you will see a "Welcome" sign. You can pull off and park near the sign or make the second left onto Olinda Street and park in front of the Presbyterian Church (established in 1852) and walk back to the sign. When standing in front of the sign looking toward the bridge, look for a large trunked tree that forms a Y in the trunk towards it's base. Behind that tree, you will find a pile of rocks and sticks covering our "frog". He is camouflaged and doesn't look like a frog until you open the package.

After you leave your stamp mark, please return all items to their respective ziploc bags, zip the outer bag, and return to the hidden spot under the rocks and sticks.

If you come between 8:40am and 8:50am on a Sunday, you will hear the pleasant Church bells ringing a call to worship. (Service is at 9:15am. Parking at the church on Sunday mornings is OK as there is plenty of parking along the front of the church property.)

As the back of the sign says "Thank you for visiting. God be with you."