Cotton Belt Trail  LbNA # 65057

Placed DateJul 4 2013
LocationWoodway, TX
Found ByGryzzled Gryphon
Last UpdateJul 23 2013

The Cotton Belt Line was what people nicknamed The St. Louis Southwestern Railway Company. The section of the track that ran from Corsicana through Waco and terminated in Gatesville was completed in 1877. The home office of the Cotton Belt Line was in Tyler, TX and they have an old depot there that has been turned into a museum for the Cotton Belt Line.

This 2.5 mile long hike/bike trail near Woodway, TX was built on the old Cotton Belt Line right of way.

DIRECTIONS: The Cotton Belt Trail is between Woodway and McGregor off of Hwy 84. Going either direction on Hwy 84 go South on Wickson Road toward the Lehigh Cement Plant. Take an immediate right on Hannah Hill Road. As you approach the Waco Landfill continue past it on a gravel road and make an immediate left onto pave entrance to the East Trail Head.

There was two letterboxes on the trail: an engine and a caboose (now retired). This trail is straight and has lots of users so you will have to be extremely cautious to keep the caches a secret.

The Engine cache is nearly to the West trailhead. After cross Church Road you will pass a bench on the right side. You will see trees coming up along the left side. When you get to the brick insert in the trail that says Park 1/4 mile you will see a bent train track in the trees. At the second tree look behind the steel track under some rocks for the cache. Please take the cache and continue walking to the West Trailhead to stamp the books. Please reseal carefully and when no one is around return the cache to it's hiding spot behind the rail and cover it with the rocks.

The Caboose Cache (RETIRED): Returning toward the East Trailhead where you are parked watch for a sign on the right that says "East Trail Head 1/2 mile". Not long after you will see the brick walk marker that says Park 1 3/4 mile. Just before the metal power tower on your left there is a dirt road. Turn left going uphill. There is a small tree on the left. When even with it, turn right and proceed to the edge of the woods. The cache is hidden under a pile of rocks and wood. Please reseal and hide it in same spot so others can enjoy it.