The 3 BFF's  LbNA # 65080 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJul 5 2013
LocationPoor Farm Park, Ashland, VA
Found By adventurebabe
Last Found Apr 13 2014
Hike Distance?


This letterbox is located in Poor Farm Park, 13400 Liberty School Road, Ashland, VA 23005

It was planted by 3 BFF’s – 1 who is from Denmark and will soon be leaving the U.S. to return home – we enjoyed letterboxing together and decided to plant our first letterbox as a special memory of our friendship.

Park in the lot at the end of the main road near the playground.

Walk to the playground with your BFF’s – climb to the top of the tower and slide down the curvy blue slide.

You are now facing NW – head toward the large tree branching into 3 BFF’s – it is across the field…here you will find the entrance to the rocky path. It is on your left.

Walk down the path with your friends – enjoy your time together telling stories and giggling as you go.

You will walk down a hill – the path curves to the right continue to stay on the rocky path and you will soon see the back of the amphitheater.

Walk to the front of the amphitheater – hop up on stage with your BFF’s – sing a song…and don’t forget to dance!

When you are done, exit stage left – walk to the tree with the 4 trunks (about 12 paces).

In the center of these trees you will find the 3 BFF’s.

We hope you have fun finding it – but most importantly have fun with your BFF’s!