Playgrounds of Westerville  LbNA # 65094 (ARCHIVED)

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Placed DateJul 6 2013
LocationPlaygrounds of Westerville, Westerville, OH
Found By The Irishmen
Last Found Sep 10 2013
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Playgrounds of Westerville (4 locations, 4 boxes)

Our family has been letterboxing for several years now and finally, we decided to make one of our own. Our four daughters , let's call them "the Mustachio", "the School Kid", "the Flower", and "the Duck", all love to go to the many playgrounds in Westerville, Ohio.

Like most families, we give the playgrounds different names, and in this case, we've named each of the following playgrounds after one of our kids. Our girls designed each of the stamps, and hid one at each of their namesake's playground. You can find them in any order, and by all means, take the time to enjoy each of the playgrounds as you search for the stamps. "The Duck" insisted on swinging at each of the playgrounds as we hid each box.

#1: The Mustachio
Real name: Huber Village Park
Address: 362 Huber Village Blvd. Westerville, Oh 43081
Directions: To find the great Mustachio, from the parking lot, walk along the paved path near the playground towards the shelter. Stop at the first bench that you see on the right. From the bench, walk ~26 paces to the paved bike path. At the path, turn left towards the baseball fields and walk about 50 paces. Stop when you see the two big rocks on your right. The box is hidden under the NE side of the biggest rock. Stamp your book and also under your nose if you want. Then go and play on the playground. Try to climb to the top of the big plastic structure that also looks like a mustache if you dare.

#2: The School Kid
Real name: Alum Creek Park North
Address: 221 W. Main St. Westerville, Oh 43081
Directions: The School Kid’s playground is the most shaded of these playgrounds. Start at the swings, (not the baby swings!) and walk about 26 paces towards the men's restroom. Turn left, walk about 11 paces, and find the stone wall that runs from north to south. About 5 steps from the south side of the wall, find the large tree. Look underneath the stones at the base of this tree to find the School Kid's stamp. After school, the School kid likes to sit on top of the spinning structure, where she spins until she feels sick.

#3: The Flower
Real name: Millstone Creek Park
Address: 745 N. Spring Rd. Westerville, Oh 43082
Directions: This playground is the favorite of the Flower, and has a cool frog/duck/lawn chemical pond in it. Find the split rock near the bike racks by the parking lot- this is your starting location. Face north, and walk ~11 paces towards a set of descending stone steps. Go down the steps, avoid the mud, and cross the 5 stepping stones to the right. Take 14 steps north towards the abandoned wooden waterworks. Turn left, and walk straight until you find some logs on the ground. Search the logs to find the Flower's stamp in letterbox #3. When you are done, consider sitting in the wet sand nearby and making a huge mess of your clothes like the Flower does.

#4: The Duck
Real name: Hoff Woods Park
Address: 556 McCorkle Blvd. Westerville, Oh 43082
At last, the final letterbox in this playground quest. To find the Duck, from the parking lot, facing the playground, follow the paved path left into the woods. From the entrance to the woods, follow the path ~44 paces until you find a fork in the path. Turn right and walk ~96 paces around the curve to the next fork in the path. Turn right again and walk ~13 paces until you see a cut up fallen tree on your right. Look under the first log to find the final letterbox. The Duck sometimes goes the other way on this path to find the entrance to Cheryl's Cookies, and gets a snack after swinging at all of these playgrounds.