Dirty Dozen  LbNA # 65101

Placed DateJul 7 2013
LocationHUGUENOT PARK Huguenot Park 10901 Robious Rd N.Chesterfield VA 23235, Richmond, VA
Found By forresthill3
Last Found Jan 19 2014
Hike Distance?

Dirty Dozen

Huguenot Park
10901 Robious Rd
N.Chesterfield VA 23235

(compass needed)

The dirty dozen box is just a sling shot away from the <&3 letterbox.
If you start from the <&3 box location and walk toward the gray sign post
into the middle of the T-path (a left at the T-path) you will be a sling shot away!
BEHIND a tree you will uncover the Dirty Dozen box...
With the tree to your back, walk 240degrees W, until you come to a thin tree
w/ a small hip. This small hip will have a hole in it. You will noticed behind this particular
tree there is a hollowed out tree stump. This stump is very close to the ground, you will
probably only notice it if you are actually looking for it! Inside this hollowed out tree stump
you will locate the Dirty Dozen box!

*Feel free to message me about my boxes!