Sprinkles and Cupcakes  LbNA # 65102

Placed DateJul 7 2013
LocationHuguenot Park, Midlothian, VA
Found By forresthill3
Last Found Jan 19 2014
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Sprinkles and Cupcakes

Huguenot Park -10901 Robious Road North Chesterfield, VA 23235

From the parking lot, find the left bridge after the playground. Follow the dirt path. You are going the right way if you see a small picnic area on your left as well as a tree standing tall in the middle of your path. When the path ends turn right. With the backboard to your back notice the small gray sign post and walk past this post and continue on your journey along the tree line. Remain on the woods edge and you will walk past two benches.
Continue your stroll until you see a cement tunnel a little off to your right. Cross over the cement tunnel and ahead you will also cross a paved road, continuing your journey along the tree line. Your tree lined path will end once you reach a giant netted wall.
Sneak behind this netted wall the first chance you get! Take a left. (you will see a road)
Take the path to the right and walk forward; you will see three tall pine trees on your right hand side that create a triangle. With this triangle to your back another path will present itself.
Before you reach the creek and in the middle of this path you will notice a crooked based tree on your left. In between this crooked based tree and a small winding tree you will locate the Sprinkles and Cupcakes letterbox under several pine needles and two rocks.