Bubbles  LbNA # 65122

Placed DateJul 9 2013
LocationGirl Scout Center, Midland, TX
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******* Box is located in a private area please ask permission before entering area******

As a young girl I spent lots of time here making new friends but keeping the old, one was silver and the other gold. At daycamp this summer I had the opportunity to teach a group of five bright and beautiful girl scouts the art of letterboxing. In the process of creating our own stamps we also created a box that we hid deep in the tiny forest of the Girl Scout center. The box is placed in a shady area where we spent time trying to keep cool from the hot Texas sun. Our theme this summer for daycamp was "Under the Sea." Our unit "Sea Turtles" spent our week learning about sea creatures and creating letterboxes that corresponded with animals under the sea.

Permission to gain access to the girl scout facility must first be obtained by the director or the person in charge of the facility. You must first enter in through the first gate, immediately turn right and follow the walkway all the way to the end of the camp until you reach another gate on your right. You must enter through this gate next. The box is located in a very shady area back towards the alley. Find the place where you will be standing in the middle of three trees facing a building that has "MCRC" painted in red letters. Once you are in this location you will find the box hidden between two trees under 1/2 inch of pine cone needles. You need your own stamp pad and pencil.