Pope's Throne  LbNA # 65130

Owner3 Monkeys      
Placed DateJul 12 2013
LocationPope Farm Park, Middleton, WI
Found ByLeapin' Lizards (Attempted)
Last UpdateMay 3 2014


Visit this beautiful park on a recessional moraine with views over Lake Mendota and all the way to the Capitol. To learn more about this park, please visit http://popefarmconservancy.org/

Look for the Inner Loop Trail. By the line of oak trees is the "Little Woods" amphitheater dedicated to the Brumm family. Look for two large boulders that you can sit upon like a throne. Underneath, you'll find what you're looking for. Please replace when you're finished. Then enjoy the trails, prairies, and all that nature has to offer. If you come in late August, you'll be next to a fiery sunflower field. Absolutely beautiful!

If you see a gentleman driving a PUG around, that's probably Mel Pope. Say hi and tell him how much you enjoyed your visit. The Pope family graciously donated the land to the Town of Middleton.