Soaring  LbNA # 65153

Ownerstray circus fish    
Placed DateJul 13 2013
LocationHigh Line Canal Mile 35, Cherry Hills Village, CO
Found By GS troop 3181
Last Found Nov 21 2014
Hike Distance?

One of the best things as a child is to feel yourself float up in a swing and see airplanes flying high overhead, imagining you are soaring with them.

This shaded gravel walk meanders along the High Line Canal trail, beginning at mile 35, where there is a small pull-off for cars along Colorado Blvd just north of Quincy. Cross the street after parking and walk along the High Line Canal trail towards the west. If you find yourself walking through Three Pond Park and see horse jumps to the right, you are headed in the wrong direction.

The canal is on your right, clues will be to your left. This will be an apx .5 mile walk.

Walk past the red barn, where you can leap from loft to hay.

Pass where witches park after their night rides through the sky.

Pass a mismatched roof tile house with a place to train for aerial tricks in the yard.

Arrive at a three pine tree fort against the fence. That's where the letterbox will be.

If you pass the star-gazing swings you've gone too far.

This letterbox contains two large hand-carved stamps. Please bring your own pen and ink pad, any color will do.