Copper Box  LbNA # 65222

OwnerHeritage Park    
Placed DateJun 19 2013
LocationHeritage Park, Gordon Road entrance, Allentown, NJ
Found By MikeMD3
Last Found Apr 16 2015
Hike Distance?

Copper Box
Suggestion, long pants due to thorns in some brush and a hiking stick

Enter Heritage Park from Gordon Road, just off of Church Street

From Heritage Park parking lot, walk to the right along the jogging path
You will see a farm field on your rightside of the jogging path

After you past the field, enter the first wooded path you see on your right.

Once you enter the gravel path, than take a right when the path tees.

Follow the long narrow path for 10 minutes.

Look for the leaning tree that goes across the path, continue walking along the ridge line of the narrow path.

See an old tree on your left that has fallen across the creek, which the kids use as a tree bridge to the other side. Keep following the path ahead.

Keep following along the stream on your left, you will start seeing a farm field on your left again

Walk under a fallen tree, then over a small hill in the path

You should start to see the biggest Sycamore tree right in front of you on the path. The tree takes 2-3 people to hug it!

Behind the tree under a metal drum lid is the Copper Box….PLEASE be careful...there might be some snakes sleeping under the metal drum lid, so use your hiking stick to check out the area first.

Have Fun! Placed by Allentown Girl Scout Troop 71338