Ponderosa  LbNA # 65224

Placed DateJul 12 2013
LocationRobinson Lake Boat Launch, Eastport, ID
Found By KfasaPuzzleButterflyStar
Last Found Apr 2 2016
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Pinus ponderosa, commonly known as the ponderosa pine, bull pine, blackjack pine, or western yellow pine, is a very large pine tree native to western North America. Ponderosa pines are large trees that typically live 300 to 600 years and regularly reach heights of 30 to 50 m tall and 0.6 to 1.3 m in diameter. The oldest trees can exceed 70 m in height and 2 m in diameter. The bottom one half of the straight trunk is typically branchless and the crowns have a broadly conical to round shaped. The bark helps to distinguish it from other species. Mature individuals have cinnamon-red bark with black crevices. Younger trees have black to reddish-brown bark. The tree can also be identified by its characteristic long needles that grow in tufts of two to five depending on subspecies.

Driving Directions:
Travel north on Hwy 95 for 25 miles from Bonners Ferry, Idaho. You'll see the turn off for the campground first, but don't turn in there. The turn off for the boat ramp is another mile or so past the campground exit. Take a left at both the first and the second Ys on the dirt road to get to the boat launch. There are a couple of parking spots, some picnic tables, and a vault toilet in addition to the boat launch.

The Lake Trail starts on the opposite side of the parking loop from the boat launch. Take the trail uphill. At the T go right followed by another right at the Y almost immediately after the T. Pass a pair of woodpecker trees on your left as you continue on the trail. Eventually you will come to a sign that says "<- Boat Launch 0.4 MI/Interpretive Trail ->" and a ginormous ponderosa pine marked with #19. Facing the pine and #19 look to your right for a greyish stump sitting in the middle of a rocky slope. Carefully climb up to the stump and look for a trio of rocks hiding the letterbox at the back of the stump. Rehide well after you stamp in. It should be noted that you could also find this letterbox by taking the interpretive trail from the campground, or even by boating out to it as the ponderosa in question is very close to the lake shore!

Hike Length: 0.8 miles over uneven terrain.
Elevation Gain: 50 ft
Recommended Colors: Dark Green, Brown, or Black