Litzenberg Letter Box  LbNA # 6523

Placed DateNov 15 2003
LocationMcComb, OH
Planted ByYogi57    
Found By TigerCub
Last Found Jul 22 2012
Hike Distance?

This box is located in Litzenberg Memorial Park. It's 5 miles west of Findlay on US 224. Park on the south end of Parking lot. You will see a shelter house. Walk through the shelter house and down the path. You should come to a Tee in the trail and there should be a map of the park.
Study the map and the trail that I will be using is 6 tenth of a mile. As you looking at the map there should be a wooden bridge on your left, this is the direction you want to go. As soon as you cross the bridge, take the down hill trail. Follow this trail as it winds though the woods you will see many types of trees. As you walk along the trail you will find a very large tree that if you want, you will be able to take shelter in.
From this tree take approximately 30 steps and you will come to a fork in the trail. One trail goes down into a valley and the other will be the high ground. Follow the correct trail and go approximately 85 steps( if you come to a bridge you have chosen the wrong trail) on the left side of the trail you will find a dead tree that is still standing. The tree has lost all of its bark and will be very close to the trail. Standing on the trail and looking toward the dead tree, you should be able to see a tree that has 6 trunks but only one base. This is where you find the box. Be careful because near this tree will be an old wire fence row.