Circus Memories Series  LbNA # 6525

Placed DateNov 24 2003
LocationGresham, OR
Found By Bookworm (WA)
Last Found Nov 13 2007
Hike Distance?

Status: Spotty
some of these have been reported missing. They are on my list to check and replace if actually gone

This series of boxes is located at the home of the Oregon Highland Games.

Park in the visual arts parking lot and find a bench to rest upon. From this bench a path heads east. Travel it until you find two tall giants on the right side of the road, a downed log in front of them hides the first of three.

Travel back the way you came and head North. Walk along the edge of the forest until you come to a set of steps on your right. Down the steps, now find a bridge on the North end of the pond. The box is tucked underneath.

Back up and to the "big pond". Along the edge of the "big pond" is a HUGE juniper tree with a definate trail leading to it. CAREFULLY climb the trail and look right at the base behind the tree. Brush away the dirt right at the base and you'll find the replacement box for #3. This one was carved MUCH later than the first two.

Now for an added bonus. I added a fourth box to this series when I replaced box number 3. Walk back around the pond and up the steps. On your right hand side is a stump. At the base of the stump covered in leaves is my newest addition to this series. Please be discrete and cover carefully or this one will go by the wayside quickly.