Blossomed Daisies  LbNA # 65270

OwnerGirl Scout Forever    
Placed DateJun 4 2013
LocationBicentenial Park, East Brunswick, NJ
Found By M*A*S*H
Last Found Jul 10 2015
Hike Distance?
Last EditedSep 23 2015

Start on following path A from the parking lot

Once you reach the lake take the path to the right and follow it around

When you see the volleyball courts go straight

Enter the woods where the gravel meets the pavement

Pass up an opportunity to sit and rest and continue on the path

Just before you reach the lake again, you will cross over a large cement drain pipe.

What you desire is hiding in a tree to your left, just after the pipe.

Please remember to seal the box well and replace it where you found it for others to enjoy.