A New Flower in J’ville  LbNA # 65271

Placed DateJul 18 2013
LocationLove's Lookout, Jacksonville, TX
Found Bycannibal69andsons
Last UpdateJan 7 2014

I moved to Jacksonville in the winter of 2011-2012. The first place I visited, even before our new home, was Love’s Lookout. It’s my favorite place in Jacksonville. This box is in honor of my new start in life.

From Hwy 69 and Hwy 79, go North on Hwy 69 to Love’s Lookout. Pull into the scenic rest area, enjoy the view, etc. To find my “box”, go to the northernmost set of picnic tables (it’s a pavilion with three tables and a grill) and sit down on north side of middle table. Turn towards woods and scenic view. Just to the left of the grill is a big sweet gum tree on the far side of rock wall. It’s actually a tree that splits about 5-6 feet from the ground, but it isn’t noticeable from that angle. On the south side of that tree is a bush/tree that is about 4 feet tall. My letterbox is hanging in that bush/tree on south side.

The best way to that bush/tree is to take the 3-step gate in the rock wall to the north of the pavilion and walk around to the right to that bush... you’ll see the V in the sweet gum much clearer. Please hang back on its hook and hide well.