Turtle in Lions Park  LbNA # 65308

Placed DateJul 21 2013
LocationTallmadge Lions Park, Northeast Entrance, Tallmadge, OH
Found By LemurEyes!
Last Found Jun 7 2014
Hike Distance?
Last EditedSep 25 2015

This letterbox was made by a 2nd year Girl Scout Brownie that has spent the last 2 summers at this park through the Tallmadge Rec Center summer program and loves soccer so we thought this was the perfect place to hide her first letterbox. Enjoy the park!

From Tallmadge Circle, take the Northeast Exit. Turn left into the Tallmadge Lions Park entrance and go straight on this road which will dead-end into the parking lot. Park close to the bench you see on your right upon entering the parking lot.

Go the bench. Turn left and walk along the paved path. This is part of the Freedom Trail so be on the lookout for bicyclists. Go past a white pole with a black top on your left. Very soon after this pole you will see a gravel path on your left. Take this path which will dead-end into a soccer field.

Stop at the end of the gravel path and look to your right. You will see a 3 stump tree that is at the edge of the field. Go to this 3 stump tree. Stand with the tree behind you and the soccer field to your left, look straight up a small hill and you will see monkey bars with a wooden frame. Go to these monkey bars.

Once you get to the monkey bars and are standing directly in front of them, move to the right beam. Stand with your back against this beam and look directly into the woods (soccer field to your right). Walk 20 steps straight into the woods. Stop and turn 90 degrees to your right. Walk 32 steps straight until you get to a group of 3 large trees on your immediate left. You are looking for the large 3 trunk tree in the middle of the large V-tree and a large scaly tree. Walk around behind the 3 trunk tree and under logs/twigs/rocks is the turtle!

Please re-seal bags and hide letterbox good for future seekers!