The Great Alleghney Passage #1  LbNA # 65311

Placed DateJul 24 2013
LocationGreat Alleghney Passage, Rockwood, PA
Found By Walkabout
Last Found Aug 2 2013
Hike Distance?

The Great Allegheny Passage offers a unique and stimulating way to enjoy natures wonders in the Laurel Highlands of Somerset County. For this quest, you will need your bike and some pedal power. The journey starts in the quaint little town of Rockwood, PA. Before you start, you may want to explore the town and visit the Rockwood Mill Shoppes & Opera House to get some refreshments or stop in at the Rock City Cafe afterwards and reward yourself with a cold brew for a quest well done!
The parking lot for the passage is well marked at the end of the road which leads through town. You will know you are in the right area if you crossed some railroad tracks and a bridge that crosses the Casselman River. The parking lot, located just across the river, is well maintained and occasionally a bike shop and information booth are open for the rider's convenience.
Here is where the quest, which is relatively short, begins. Head eastward on the trail towards Garrett and Meyersdale. The first landmark you will pass as you bike along is an overlook of the river with a big iron sculpture of an old highwheeler bike. As you continue, you will pass by the Husky Haven Campground. The owner, Barry, is a friendly guy and loves to “chew the fat” with passing bikers. As you continue along the trail, you will pass brown trail markers on the right side of the trail. The first will be marked GR 7...then GR 6. Keep going, and you will pass a white 42 mile marker with a sign showing a horse rider on the left side of the trail. As you continue to enjoy your ride, you will pass a small stone and green building, and further up the trail you'll pass two large green electrical boxes with a red warning are headed in the correct direction.
Eventually, you will approach a 41 mile marker sign on the left side of the trail....BUT just before the marker, about 40 yards before it, you will pass over a stream....most likely you will hear it before you see it! This is where you will Stop!!!
Get off your bike. While standing directly over the stream which is flowing towards you, look to your right. You will see a unique looking maple tree. It has 16 individual trees growing from the same base!!! Carefully, go down the bank to the tree and stand at the base looking upstream (or up the hill).
Straight ahead of you, you will see a large maple tree....walk towards it. ( It is about 15 paces straight ahead) To its right (about 10 paces), will be a large cherry tree...easily recognized by the the two large Y branches on it.
The letterbox will be located behind the cherry tree. It will be camouflaged with a covering of branches so it better mixes in with the environment. Of course, as always return the box to its hidden position so other can enjoy the experience.
Hope you had a great time finding it, and you may as well continue the fun by heading on to Meyersdale. It's only about 10 miles more, and I know you would love crossing the Salisbury Viaduct. Once in Meyersdale, stop at the trail station and have dinner at the Morguen Toole Co. What a great day!!!!