Frolicky Fish at Wingfoot Lake State Park  LbNA # 65313

Placed DateJul 22 2013
Location993 Goodyear Park Blvd., Suffield, OH
Found By Yankocats
Last Found Jul 23 2013
Hike Distance?

This is home to where I caught my first fish! This is now a PUBLIC park open to everyone, not just Goodyear employees!


Enter Wingfoot Lake State Park at main entrance which is Goodyear Park Blvd off Waterloo Rd. Drive through the gate. Check out the new doggie park on the right as you continue driving along this road and the playground on your left. Continue until you get to a dead-end at the giftshop. Park in the parking lot to the left.

Enter the paved path by the sign "No Vechicles Beyond Point / Boat Rental" sign which is by the kiosk to the left of the parking lot. Go left at the fork. Continue walking toward the lake and you will see the Blimp hangar and maybe the Goodyear Blimp across the lake! Follow the path to the left and up the hill. Check out the big log on the left by the swamp! Cross the bridge. Pass the sand volleyball court on the left. At the fork in the path by the Concession Stand sign, go Right. This will lead you by the boats that are available to rent and will dead-end at the dock. Take a sharp left on the paved path up the hill and go under the arched sign "Wingfoot Marina". Follow the path to the right.

Locate the first pine tree on your right. Directly across the path on your left is a massive crazy trunk tree with lots of good hiding spots for a black quart sized bag letterbox!

Please reseal and rehide as good as possible! This path is very busy!

Continue on the paved path to a parking lot, cross it and go left at the end. Pass bathrooms and Lodge on left. Cut across the basketball court and walk along the miniature golf course. Go straight across the field to the parking lot. Go left in the parking lot to the Stop sign. Go left at the Stop sign which will put you on the main road of the park so be careful of cars. Continue walking past the playground and straight ahead is the Giftshop and parking lot where we started!